Nutritional Question from YouTube

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Here’s a question I received on my YouTube account that I wanted to share.

“Thanks Kevin for responding to my message. I just had another question that I would like to ask you. I am very conscious about what I eat, calories, exercise, etc…However, I am wondering if my obsession with nutrition is really necessary. I am currently 5’11″, 150-153 pounds, and 15 years old. I started around 190 lbs, and lost around 40 lbs due to eating healthy and exercising incessantly. I am just worried that I am taking my health too seriously, because I don’t want to become anorexic or sick. I currently eat:
Breakfast: All-Bran cereal, orange juice, and around 2-3 daily servings of fruit.
Lunch: Turkey sandwich w/ fat free cheese, and around 1-2 daily servings of fruit.
Dinner: Food may vary “Nothing fried or greasy”, vegetables

I dont drink any soda or eat any candy. I just want your advice wether or not I am in fact taking my nutrition more seriously than it really is. I am just worried that anything I eat, I am forced to burn off, or else it will turn into fat. I know that I am still growing, and my body needs energy, however I feel the need to talk to you. If you could please message me back, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you very much.”


Hi Ryan, thanks for your question and I’ll try my best to address your concerns.  First of all, great job on the weight loss.  Sounds like you’ve done a great job.

When you mention obsession, does it rule your life?  Do you constantly think about it?  What brought this on?  Does obesity run in your family?

As of right now, sounds like you need more protein in your diet.  I think its great that you’ve learned so much about nutrition and how your body responds to food.  Your ahead of the game.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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