What Does Insulin Do?

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What does insulin do?  I asked a question on my blog a few days ago about what hormone helps regulate blood sugar. The hormone I was talking about, was insulin. If you are really looking at losing weight, you need to learn about insulin and what effect it has on your body.

I’ll make it as simple as I can. When insulin is circulating in your blood stream regulating sugar, you can not burn fat. It actually helps store fat. When your insulin levels are regulated, you can use fat for fuel and energy. Although I recommend not letting your insulin levels drop too low.  This is why I recommend eating every 3-4 hours.

How do you keep your insulin levels low? You eat frequent healthy meals with a good source of protein and low amount of sugar. No sodas, no donuts, no candy bars, I think you get the point.

Your body is an amazing machine that has millions of things going on all the time. The more you learn how your body responds to the foods and drinks you put into it, the more happy and healthy you will be.

Take care of your health, its your responsibility.

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