Why do my Shoulders Hurt?

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So the other day I was working out at 24 Hour Fitness when an old client came up to me and asked me a few questions.  He was telling me that his shoulders were hurting and he didn’t know why.  I started to ask a few questions when I found the problem almost instantly.  ”Its all about the bench press and your range of motion”, I stated.

The correct range of motion for the bench press is have the back of your arms parallel with your back or bench.  Any deeper of a range of motion will put undue stress on your shoulder joint and can cause injury.  
I know some people will argue this point, and he was one of them.  ”It’s a deeper stretch for the pecs”, he mentioned.  ”No, all this does it make small tears in the shoulder joint till one day your shoulder is torn and you need surgery or rehab”, I explained.  ”Trust me it has happened to me.  It took me over a year to fully recover from this injury.”  
Still he wasn’t convinced.  Oh well, some will listen, some won’t.
Watch this video for proper chest exercises.  I would highly recommend using free weights over barbells and bench presses for all chest exercises.

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