Do Energy Drinks Cause Fatigue?

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Do energy drinks cause fatigue rather than give you a boost?  OK, at first they may give you some energy, although when you come down off your caffeine high, you can actually expect an energy crash. 

Yes we all have consumed them, and yes its a nice energy boost.  Just think though, more and more caffeine is needed for the same results.  Being addicted to caffeine has become a huge problem in our nation today.  

We need to do a reality check and see how we are killing ourselves.  I bet in 50 years the health issues in our nation will be astronomical.   

The best supplements for fighting fatigue would be consuming a B-complex drink and water. Many people think caffeine is the answer, but in reality it does more harm than good. Caffeine puts stress on the central nervous system. It also triggers the release of cortisol, which is a catabolic hormone, one that tears the body down.  Why would you do that to your body?

When we put stress on the body, its very hard to lose weight. Yes consuming caffeine can cause weight gain. It really depends on how much your consuming that determines your results. Please consume caffeine in small quantities. 

I recommend a B-Complex drink. The one that I consume is called B Clear. Remember, energy drinks may actually cause fatigue. Get educated on what you are putting into your body, its the only one you got. 

Take care of your health, its your responsibility.
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  1. Anonymous says:


    Not all energy drinks result in an energy crash. There are several healthier alternatives to choose from that contain more all natural ingredients and less caffeine. For a list of Healthy Energy Drinks check out my site:


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